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Coffee in Uganda

A healthy coffee crop

Uganda became an international coffee trader in the 1960’s supplying markets with a distinct coffee variety that found mass appeal. Locally it was also consumed by many and to date remains a key income earner for the country and local small holder farmers.
The climate and soil in many parts of the country continues to be favorable for the cultivation of coffee plantations.     Coffee plants to a few years to mature before the coffee bean is ready for harvesting. The addition of value to harvested coffee beans provides an avenue for increased returns on a coffee plantation.

One simple way of adding value to coffee beans is by roasting the harvested beans and then grinding them into powder. Uganda has a variety of coffee bean species which offer variations in strength and tastes.

A kilo of ground coffee powder is more expensive than raw coffee beans. As incentive, the government does not impose taxes on this product should it be manufactured for export.  VAT input is claimed and reimbursed by the tax body as a way of encouraging and facilitating exporters.

Contact the Uganda Coffee Development Authority

Plot 35 Jinja Road,
Coffee House

P.O.Box 7267,
Kampala, Uganda
Tel:  (+256)-414-256940  / 312-260470
Fax: +256-414-256994

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