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How to grow millet

Millet grains

Millet is a popular food consumed in Uganda. It is highly nutritious and can be used in many ways as a solid food or as porridge. It can grow in many types of climates including dry climates. This means that when Uganda is experiencing its hot months, millet will still be able to grow. The main type of millet grown in Uganda is Pearl millet.

How to grow millet

  • Buy some fresh millet seeds from the market.
  • Select a site that gets plenty of sunshine.
  • Loosen the soil and add some fertilizer.
  • Plant the millet seeds at least 5 centimeters apart from each other. Cover the seeds with at least 2.5 centimeters of soil. The rows of seeds should be at least 30.5 centimeters apart.
  • Millet takes up a lot of nutrients from the soil, so it is wise to add some fertilizer as the millet grows.
  • Millet does not need additional water. The occurring rainfall will be enough for it.
  • Harvest the millet when the grasses and seed heads have turned golden brown. This happens after about two to three months.

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